Monday, September 27, 2010

Wine Industry News

News has been fast and furious lately, here are some interesting developments in our industry:

New Version of H.R. 5034 Being Circulated
WineAmerica, The National Association of American Wineries

"A new version of H.R. 5034 is being circulated by its chief sponsor, retiring Massachusetts Congressman, Bill Delahunt (D-MA). The bottom line — it’s still an unnecessary piece of legislation that would harm wineries."

Va. wineries back liquor privatization proposal
The Washington Post

"The Virginia Wineries Association on Wednesday endorsed Gov. Bob McDonnell's (R) proposal to privatize the state's liquor industry.

The group is the latest industry, retail and transportation group to back McDonnell's bid to sell the state's wholesale and retail spirits operation. In a statement, the wineries say that privatization would be good for Virginia wine because studies show that more wine is sold in stores where liquor is also sold."

I-1100 - AWB Endorses
I-1105 - AWB Opposes
Association of Washington Business

"The Association of Washington Business, one of the state’s leading business groups, endorsed Initiative 1100 today, saying that the initiative will reset “the priorities of state government” and “refocus state government on essential services.”

The 250-person AWB Board endorsed I-1100 with 82 percent of the vote (60 percent is needed to pass). Rather than approval, Initiative 1105, a competing initiative on the Nov. 2 ballot, received 82 percent opposition from the AWB board."

Agonizing Over and Analyzing Washington Ballot Initiatives I-1100 & I-1105
Wine Peeps

"After following the money, studying what the initiatives do and don’t do, and since I am a big proponent of dismantling the archaic three-tiered system that exists primarily for the benefit of distributors and for getting the state monopoly out of the wine retail business, I had concluded that I’m for I-1100 and against I-1105."

Initiative 1100 best route for Washington state to get out of retail liquor business
The Seattle Times

"The Seattle Times Editorial Board supports Initiative 1100, which would replace the state liquor monopoly with a competitive market, and it opposes Initiative 1105, which would replace the state liquor stores with a private cartel."

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Welcome New Member Hoover & Roofus Winery

I am pleased to welcome our newest member, Hoover & Roofus Winery, to the FWWS. Here is some information on them:

Hoover & Roofus Winery is a boutique winery in Zillah producing less than 1000 cases annually of Riesling, Nebbiolo, and Pinot Gris.

Welcome to the org!