Friday, May 8, 2009

FWWS Maps Feature Deployed!

The FWWS web mistress, Sally, and technical ninja, Alex, have deployed a new feature on the FWWS web site - maps! Using Live Search Maps, a map collection was built from the membership database.

Live Search Maps directly supports a variety of cool functionality like searching, rating locations, location copying, etc. This map is directly displayed on our web site and allows users to quickly and easily find your location.

As an extension of this new feature, we also make available the following cool features on our site:
  1. A downloadable KML file that allows our map to be used in Google Earth, Google Maps, Live Search Maps, etc.
  2. A downloadable GPX file that visitors can use on their auto and portable GPS devices.
  3. A GeoRSS feed which allows users to feed our location data into RSS readers, web sites, etc.

FWWS members please contact FWWS VP Alex Sloley if you would like your location data modified in any way. For example, you might want a tasting room address to be displayed rather than your winery address.

Enjoy the new feature!

1 comment:

  1. Wow! These new features are so cool!
    This is the best mapping functionality and coolest stuff I've ever seen for any wine site.