Sunday, December 27, 2009

Goals of Family Wineries of Washington State

  • Sell more Washington wine
  • Promote small family wineries
  • Economic stimulus for craft wineries through simplification of regulation
  • Economic free market – the only truly level playing field
  • Put the responsible consumer’s interests first
  • Maintain effective public safety regulations
  • Public safety basis for all regulation
  • Align goals of small wineries and Liquor Control Board
  • Cooperation with Liquor Control Board
  • Eliminate unenforceable or unenforced regulations
  • Freedom to create and innovate
  • Freedom of contract
  • Streamline tax payment
  • Streamline wine shipping (set an example for other states)
  • Pricing flexibility
  • Elimination of money’s worth restrictions
  • Responsible advertising
  • Joint advertising and promotion
  • Sales on credit as wholesalers get from wineries
  • Consignment sales
  • Remove economic restrictions on internet wine sales
  • Discounts reflecting savings in cost of sale
  • Delivered pricing
  • Gifts
  • Remove all limitations on investment between tiers
  • Make it easier to promote craft wine in a responsible manner
  • Remove economic restrictions on wine sampling
  • Unlimited tasting rooms
  • Distributor dock sales
  • Central fulfillment operations
  • Promotional partnerships
  • Elimination of license category restrictions
  • Simplify licensing
  • No state label approval copy requirement
  • Annual tax reporting instead of monthly
  • No price posting (achieved)
  • No price holding
  • Put the responsible wine consumer first
  • Provide opportunities for consumers to support small wineries
  • Establish direct relationships between responsible consumers and our members
  • Wine events off premises
  • Facilitate holding wine events
  • Refilling of recyclable wine containers at wineries and retailers
  • The Perfect Legal Climate for Wine
And whatever else our dynamic and innovative small Washington State wineries come up with in the future to responsibly sell Washington wine.

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