Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Welcome New Member WineGirl Wines

I am pleased to welcome our newest member, WineGirl Wines, to the FWWS. Here is some information on them:

In September of 2007, WineGirl Wines began as a true garagiste style winery in the Ravenna neighborhood of Seattle, WA. We produced 100 cases in Ravenna under our Firá Label.

Since then, we have moved our nano-winery operations out to Sammamish, WA and we're growing. This year will be the debut of our reserve wines under the Kamari Black Label. And don't miss the latest unveiling of My Derby Wife Merlot!

WineGirl began making wine in 2001 when she made her first two cases of Pinot Noir. Since then, she has worked around the world at unique wineries studying the fine art of winemaking under the tutelage of renowned and inspiring winemakers. All the while, WineGirl has released six of her own vintages with plans to open a public tasting room in the spring of 2010.

And finally, WineGirl Wines is participating in a new adventure east of the Cascade mountains in sunny Chelan, WA. We've broken ground on an amazing ten acre plot of land with a spectacular view of the lake.

Welcome to the org!

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  1. Thank you! I look forward to working with the other family wineries of Washington.