Monday, June 14, 2010

Initiative 1100 Update

Dear FWWS Member,

Family Wineries of Washington State supports Initiative 1100 and urges you and your winery to do so as well. We are trying to collect as many signatures for the initiative as possible by the July 2nd deadline. Many wineries have no doubt run into questions from their patrons regarding this initiative and we have produced several documents that help to answer these questions.

This one lets consumers know how the initiative will benefit them and the small wineries they love.

This one highlights the benefits for you and your winery.

This one rebuts points raised in the email from the Washington Wine Institute that many of you have received.

Many wineries have already decided to have petitions at their tasting room but we still need more wineries on board. If you have access to a printer that can print 11"x17" then feel free to print the petition directly here. Please note: smaller formats are not acceptable to the Secretary of State, also it must be printed on both sides. You can mail it to us at 600 Stewart St Suite 1300, Seattle, WA 98101 . If you need us to send you petition forms, please let us know as soon as possible how many signatures you estimate your winery could gather in the coming weeks and we will send you the appropriate number of official Initiative 1100 petitions.

We urge you to do everything you can to support Initiative 1100.

The Board of Family Wineries of Washington State

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  1. So you think this is a solution to your industry's problems? This is alcohol, the most destructive and dangerous DRUG in the world, not CANDY. They keep Nyquil locked up to keep it away from kid because it contains 25% alcohol and you want to put hard liquor on the store shelves? I guess there's an acceptable level of carnage as long as there is money to be made. Right?