Sunday, November 13, 2011

Disitllation Special

Please see below for a special offer for Washington wineries:

It’s "5 O’Clock Somewhere" is a locally-owned craft distillery located in Cashmere WA. We are offering the service of distilling your wine into spirits that can be used in the creation of port and other fortified wine products. We will distill using our custom-built Müller Aromat IV still which will result in an extremely high quality distillate that will compliment your beautiful port. This year we offer this service at a special price of $13.00 per proof gallon of wine delivered to our facility (this price is only for Washington State wineries).

We also offer for sale distilled spirits in both aged and unaged formats. We will set an appointment for you to taste our brandies so that you can choose the perfect complement to your fine wine.

Please call Colin at 509-860-0102

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