Thursday, July 19, 2012

For the past four years, Family Wineries of Washington State (FWWS) has worked very hard in Olympia to change some of the antiquated liquor laws that make it very difficult for small wineries in WA to thrive.  This past legislative session, FWWS’s efforts achieved a significant measure of success when our bill to permit wineries selling 6,000 or fewer gallons of wine annually to opt to report their activities and pay their taxes to the LCB annually, rather than monthly.  Those wineries that are eligible for annual reporting recently were sent a notification by the LCB that, to avail themselves of this opportunity, the wineries must notify the LCB of their intentions to do so.  The deadline for notifying the LCB is Friday, July 20th.  This blog is to remind those eligible wineries who want to opt for annual, versus monthly, reporting to the LCB of the looming deadline.  This is a great opportunity to reduce your reporting paperwork load.  Don’t delay!  Notify the LCB of your desire to report annually NOW at:  (360)664-1721 or

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