Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Initiative 1100

You have probably heard about the various initiatives being proposed to privatize liquor sales in Washington state. Your hard working FWWS Board has been examining all of them and believes that there is one (and only one) which should receive the whole-hearted support of small family wineries: Initiative 1100. This initiative would accomplish much of what FWWS has been fighting for in the legislature. It would require the Liquor Board to focus on public safety and get out of the economy. In addition to privatizing liquor sales, the bill would also remove the economic restraints holding back the Washington beer and wine industries. The other initiatives either do not include wine or would actually be a step in the wrong direction. (There are some who believe that one of the initiatives was secretly drafted by the big beer wholesalers in an effort to confuse the public.) A copy of Initiative 1100 is linked for your review. The best and most important provisions from a winery standpoint are found in sections 6 and 25. Please provide us with your comments and suggestions at your earliest convenience. The initiative process is going to move very quickly. Please let us know if you would like copies of the I-1100 petition so that you can collect signatures from your customers and friends. We urge you to do everything you can to support Initiative 1100 and free the grapes in Washington state!

Initiative Measure No. 1100

Comparison of Liquor Initiatives

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