Thursday, May 27, 2010

Initiative 1100

Dear FWWS Member,

Family Wineries of Washington State urges you and your winery to support Initiative 1100. With Costco now backing Initiative 1100, we have a real chance to free the grapes (and beer and spirits) in Washington state from unnecessary and counter-productive economic regulation. Passage of Initiative 1100 would require the Liquor Board to focus on public safety and education and get the Liquor Board out of economic activity that should be handled by private enterprise in a free democracy. Polls show that Washington voters overwhelmingly support Initiative 1100. We know some wineries think the laws left over from the repeal of Prohibition provide them with some valuable protections against competition. But the benefits to all (including grape growers, wineries, distributors, retailers and consumers) of implementing a free market in wine (and beer and spirits) in Washington state greatly outweigh the minor benefits of these antiquated “protections.” FWWS has pledged to help Costco and the Initiative drafters, Modernize Washington, gather signatures on the Initiative 1100 petitions. The rest of this message describes how you can help our effort to give Washington The Perfect Legal and Economic Climate for Wine!

The first step to passing Initiative 1100 is gathering at least 250,000 signatures on official Initiative Petition forms by July 6. Costco will gather signatures at its stores, but the wine industry needs to do its part as well. We ask that you accept signatures at your winery tasting room and anywhere else you are likely to meet Washington state registered voters. If you have access to a printer that can print 11"x17" then feel free to print the petition directly from the link below. If you need us to send you petition forms, please let us know as soon as possible how many signatures you estimate your winery could gather in the next month and we will send you the appropriate number of official Initiative 1100 petitions.

FWWS is also seeking monetary contributions for further funding of our Initiative effort. Please let us know by return e-mail if you or your customers are interested in providing financial support to FWWS’s efforts to pass Initiative 1100.

We urge you to do everything you can to support Initiative 1100.

The Board of Family Wineries of Washington State

I-1100 Petition

Tips Regarding Signature Gathering

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  1. So very exciting! Thank you for all your efforts in this regard.