Friday, August 20, 2010

E-mail, Facebook, and Twitter Updates

Attention wine geeks!

Our org would love to stay in touch with you. But we also value your privacy. So we have created a variety of ways you can get updates from our org:

Family Wineries of Washington State News E-mail

This e-mail service is opt-in only. That means we don’t sign you up, you need to sign-up yourself. That way we can guarantee you don’t end up receiving these e-mails when you don’t want to. In addition, this list allows safe unsubscribing at any time after joining.


Visit our Facebook page and “like” us! Our blog also feeds our Facebook page so you can read the latest info about our org.


Follow us on Twitter and receive all the latest news on your mobile device.

We hope you sign-up and enjoy the updates!

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