Thursday, August 19, 2010

I-1100 Just Makes Sense

Washington state should not be in the liquor business. Rather than promoting alcohol sales the state should make enforcement its primary mission. The Liquor Control Board has been blinded by the money and it needs to get back to basics and put its full energy behind enforcement. Controlling teenage drinking will not be a problem if the state just does its job.

I-1100 is the responsible way to take the state out of the liquor business. It leaves the taxes in place but it ends the monopolistic practice of the state charging an obscene 51.9% mark-up on a bottle of liquor on top of the highest liquor tax in the nation.

I-1100 is about convenience. Especially for people who are only occasional purchasers of alcohol. It is incredibly inconvenient to, after going to the grocery store to shop for a special event, make an extra stop at some out-of-the-way strip mall to shop at a state liquor store. The limited hours of operation are a real problem in our active world.

I-1100 reduces the head count of state workers while creating hundreds of new jobs in the private sector.

Remember to vote YES on 1100 and NO on 1105!

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